MIDI in Mid-Air

Glide your hand through space to control sound.

Play the air in front of you like an instrument.

Control audio effects, virtual instruments, D.A.W. parameters, and more.

What can you do with ProxiMIDI?

Conduct Effects

Use ProxiMIDI to add expressive depth to your performance.

Control parameters such as filter, volume, modulation, pitch, LFO, and more using MIDI.

Send multiple MIDI messages simultaneously to control multiple effects at once.

Play Instruments

Use ProxiMIDI to play your favorite virtual instruments.

Move your hand up and down to control pitch.

Customize auto-tuning features, musical scales, and range size.

Play synths or samplers with Theremin-like technique.

Control Software

Use ProxiMIDI as a friction-free D.A.W. controller.

Record automation and manipulate any MIDI-mappable parameters using intuitive physical movements.


ProxiMIDI Control is a free application that enables you to customize your settings, access updates, and save custom presets.

You can then cycle through your presets directly on the hardware using swipe gestures.


As a class-compliant USB-C MIDI controller, ProxiMIDI is compatible with all digital audio software and virtual instruments.

Individually Crafted

Each device is constructed using custom electronics and quality hardwood in a small workshop in Brooklyn, New York.

ProxiMIDI is currently available in three sustainably-harvested North-American wood species: Maple, Cherry, and Walnut.

Each ProxiMIDI is functionally identical but aesthetically unique.

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